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Phoenix Biology is the only RSO at University of Chicago dedicated to serving biological science majors with the purpose of stimulating interesting discussions, enabling students to learn about all career options (and we're not just talking M.D. and Ph.D. here), and sharing recent research findings.

We host awesome events such as career exploration mixers, science documentary screenings, an annual BBQ, and research panels from a range of diverse fields within biology. In order to receive real-time updates on our events, please subscribe to our listhost by clicking the "Subscribe" button to the right.

Latest News from Phoenix

September 2013

With some of the recent scares in bee colony populations, biologists are starting to look closer at pesticides and potential environment hazards with such chemicals. Many proponents claim that organic farming is the wave of the future and can help combat environmental risks from traditional farming techniques. These same people will usually eat organic vegetables and farm-raised chicken, sleep on an organic mattress and wear organic cotton to show support for organic farming.

August 2013

Biology students usually have a wide variety of opportunities after graduation. Often times, students will find themselves in some kind of volunteer position, helping people in need often in damaged areas from conflicts. One donation item that is often overlooked is breast milk; the ability to donate breast milk is often a key factor in reducing infant mortality rates in specific areas.

February 2013 is your solution for New York Chiropractic services.

Please join us on February 21 in BSLC (room TBD) at 7:30PM for our first ever annual non-traditional careers for bio majors mixer!